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Mithril Miniatures - Vignettes and Boxes

MV359 Isildur at the Gladden Fields
MV360 Saruman and Gandalf at Orthanc
MV361 Stormcrow: Gandalf, Theoden and Wormtongue
MV362 Bilbo Surrenders the One Ring
MV373 Gildor Inglorion
MV374 The Ringwraith
MV375 In The House Of Tom Bombadil
MV376 The Barrow Tomb
MV419 The Death of King Theoden
(April 2005) (limited to 1000)
MV420 The Swan Knights (April 2005)
(limited to 1000)
Boxed Sets
MB336 Orc Warband (Box)
MB337 Gondor Warband (Box)
MB236 The Hobbit
MB237 The Fellowship of the Ring
MB279 The Lord of the Nazgul
MB300 The Balrog of Moria
MB345 The Vengence of Smaug
MB358 Scatha the Worm
MB369 The Uruloki (Fire Dragon)
MB396 Shelob's Lair
MB397 Cold Drake of the Withered Heath
MB418 Mumak of Harad - Oliphaunt (Sept 2004) (limited to 1000)
MB422 Smaug the Dragon Triumphant (Box) (Sept 2005) (limited to 1000)

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