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Credits are due to:

The main protagonists:
Tom Pope whose post got us all together
Richard Hale for hours of digging and scanning
Chronofus for creating many of the lists
Andrew Cunnington for several and divers sections
Tony Mansfield for scanning, scanning and then scanning some more,
Joe Thomlinson for scanning flyers
Steve Casey, Mr Citadel, for many of the old curiosities shown on the site
Sue Kesby of the Blue Mule
David Wood for several lists and identifying the obscure, usually has it too! A talent for bin diving
Richard Scott for knowing more about heads and weapons than a rational man should
James Humphries for many things, not all forgotten
Marc "Totof" Christophe for knowing what's happening in Europe
Those without whom this project would still be struggling:
The many anonymous contributors who correct the facts and supply the details
David "Bo" Matthews provided item listings
Paul Biggart supplied numerous scans from wargame magazines and catalogs
Jeanne and Pete Doerner gave permission to use some of their photography
George Harpster provided photocopies of catalogs, and is responsible for the Metal Magic section
Tom Beyer whose catalogs and flyers have been illuminating and very useful
Mark Hides for an encyclopaedic knowledge of the UK obscure
Bryan Ansell for Workshop and Foundry
Alan Merrett for explaining why, what and when, when he can!
Alan and Michael Perry, Trish Cardin, Aly Morrison, Jes Goodwin and others for all their work over the years
Rick Priestley for all those d6
Michael Bisignani for trying to get Folio Works' stuff scanned
XBlckDrgnX for an ancient tome listing many wonders
Fraser of POP, in memoriam, always a few surprises and the price was always right
Games Workshop, the "evil empire" with many human faces. Many thanks are due to many
Larry Elliott whose lists formed the basis of many early pages
Fitz for many details and for the Bill Hargrave pictures
Caius Jennison for many things
Glenn Bednarek for the constant challenge of the obscure and out of focus
The Collecting Citadel Miniatures list at
The many. many ebayers whose junk is our joy
Painters, providers and other inspiration:
Golden Demon entrants, all of them
Phil Lewis the master of Humbrol, and not bad with acrylics either.
Dale Hurst for some of the finest paintwork out there
Craig Grady for his excellent brushwork
Richard Abbott for his excellent and accurate work
Paul Whittaker (Griffin Painting) for his touch of the dark side
Martin Legg (Bodmodels) for Dragons, and more
Steve Yates for beautiful work, large and small
Adam Skinner for world class work
Roy Scorer for handling some really old chunks of twisted metal really well
Sean Hampson for his Marines, amongst others
John Fitzsimons for painting many limited editions
Andrew Taylor for lots of excellent stuff from the old to the weird
Finlay Light for Elves and for an Army of other stuff
Richard Facey for solidly dealing with solid based scrap
Steve Mussared for his light work
Pete Taylor for the hordes
Paul Raukas for great images
James Clay for early great images
Patrick Chambers for painting inspiration
Jay Wirth for providing a straight deal and great bases
Aaron Cairns for great bases
Ian Brumby for great bases, and for painting them too!
Bill Wilcox for those d*mned dwarves
Tony Ordona for painting ogres until his eyes crossed
Faron Betchley for painting more stuff than I can remember
Jack Mosquera for some nice stuff
Steve Gibson for out-boogering the best of them
Tim Howe for having lots of the obscure

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