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Mithril Miniatures - M Series

The Races Of Middle Earth
M001 Galadriel - Elven Queen
M002 Elrond
M003 Witch King of Angmar
M004 Mounted Rider of Rohan
M005 Rohirrim Foot Warrior
M006 Gondorian Guard Captain
M007 Gondorian Foot Soldier
M008 Dunlending Captain
M009 Dunlending Warrior
M010 Dunlending Priestess
M011 Sindarin Elf Mage
M012 Sindarin Archer
M013 Sindarin Female Scout
M014 Arthedian Captain
M015 Northman Scout
M016 Female Ranger
M017 Sagath Warrior
M018 Sagath Animist
M019 Dwarvish Warrior
M020 Hithaeglir Orc Chief
M021 Hithaeglir Orc Warrior
M022 Goblin Warrior Scout
M023 Large Stone Troll
M024 Barrow Wight King
M025 Large Warg
Riders Of Rohan
M026 Eothraim Prince
M027 Theoden, King of Mark
M028 Mounted Rohir Rider with Lance
M029 Mounted Rohir Archer
M030 Mounted Rohir Std Bearer
M031 Mounted Rohir Officer
Thieves Of Tharbad
M032 Princess Nirnadel
M033 Dirhavel the Alchemist
M034 Silmarien the Mage
M035 Tharbad City Guard & Officer
M036 Cardolanian Mercenary
M037 Cutpurse
M038 Smuggler
M039 Cardolanian Hir
M040 Tardegil, Army Captain
M041 Nimhir the Regent
Armies Of The Witch King
M042 Mannish Captain on Horseback
M043 Mannish Warrior with scimitar
M044 Mannish Warrior with Spear
M045 Orc Berserker with Axe
M046 Orc Archer
M047 Orc with Spear
M048 Troll with morning star
M049 Troll with Cleaver
M050 Orc Attacking with Scimitar & Shield
M051 Wolf Rider with Horn & Scimitar
Tom Bombadil & The Shire Folk
M052 Gandalf The Wizard
M053 Tom Bombadil
M054 Goldberry
M055 Bree Innkeeper
M056 Bree Gatewarden
M057 Two Hobbit Travellers
M058 Marcho & Blanco
M059 Female Hobbit & Children
M060 Hobbit Scout on Pony
M061 Hobbit Fighters (2)
MB062 Smaug the Dragon, Bilbo & 3 Treasures (Box)
Halls Of The Wood Elf King
M063 King Thranduil Enthroned
M064 Queen Arhendril & 2 Maidens
M065 Legolas with Bow
M066 Galion The Butler
M067 High Captain of Aradhrynd with Sword
M068 Royal Guardsman
M069 Silvan Seer with Crystal Ball
M070 Silvan Bowmen
M071 Silvan Swordsman
M072 Silvan Tracker with Spear
Far Harad
M073 Caravan Guard Mounted on Camel
M074 Caravan Guard on Foot
M075 Visi Footguard & Officer
M076 Wealthy Trader Councillor
M077 Sand man
M078 The Razorac (Great Winged Demon)
M079 Junasts Guard with Sword & Shield
M080 Lesinas (2)
M081 Adventurer in Desert Garb
M082 Master of the Tama
Mirkwood 1
M083 Smeagol & Deagol
M084 Radagast the Wizard
M085 Beorn With Axe
M086 Beorn as Bear (MCD4)
M087 Beorn's Animals
M088 Beorning Fighter
M089 Beorning Lord
M090 Two Woodmen
M091 Woodmen elder
M092 Woodemen Animist
Mount Gundabad
M093 Zalg, Goblin King
M094 Uruk Hai Royal Guardsman
M095 Saviga, the Kings Consort
M096 Akargin, the Warlock
M097 Uruk Hai wimps
M098 Orcish Soldiers
M099 Karagat the High Priest
M100 Mannish Slaves
M101 Orc Serfs
M102 Bralg the Insane
Mirkwood 2
M103 Giant spider
M104 Bilbo & 2 Dwarves
M105 Huinen the Seer
M106 Arien Elven Mage
M107 Lachglin the Animist
M108 The Silent Shadow
M109 Werewolf
M110 Female Warrior
M111 Dwarvish Scout
M112 Northman Bard
The Prancing Pony
M113 Strider, Frodo & Sam
M114 Seated Card Players
M115 Serving Girl & Hobbit
M116 Drinking Companions
M117 Seated Men Drinking
M118 Bill Ferny & Southron Spy
M119 Pot Boy & Dog
M120 Seated Lute Player and Singing Girl
M121 Drunken Men
M122 Tables, Chairs etc
Fellowship Of The Ring
M123 Frodo & Sam
M124 Strider
M125 Gandalf
M126 Legolas
M127 Gimli
M128 Boromir
M129 Merry & Pippin
M130 Longboat & 4 Crew
M131 Master of Laketown
M132 Bard of Esgaroth
M133 Laketown Guardsman
M134 Raft Elves
M135 Laketown Adventurer
Personalities of the 3rd Age
M136 Mirror of Galadriel
M137 Celeborn
M138 Saruman & The Palantir
M139 Aragorn & Arwen
M140 The Great Eagle
M141 The Great Goblin
M142 Glorfindel
M143 Elrond & The Ring of Air
M144 Gollum and Bilbo - Riddles in the Dark
Gorgoroth - the Plains of Mordor
M145 Mouth of Sauron
M146 Mounted Nazgul
M147 Nazgul on Foot
M148 Olag Hai Troll
M149 Half Troll Commander
M150 Uruk
M151 Orcs of Mordor (2)
M152 Variag Horsemen
M153 Haradan Captain
M154 Haradan Infantry (2)
Durin's Dwarves
M155 Thorin Oakenshield
M156 Thrain Dwarven king
M157 Dwarven Royal Guardsmen
M158 Dwarven Craftsman
M159 Dwarven Infantry (2)
M160 Dwarven Alchemist
M161 Dis, Dwarven Maiden
M162 Dwarf Adventurer on Pony
M163 Dwarven Adventurer
M164 Dain Ironfoot & Azog (2)
Ghost Warriors
M165 Eribhen & Ruil
M166 Tughaib of the Spirits
M167 Walking Dead (2)
M168 Ghouls (2)
M169 Wights Of Tughaid
M170 Menoib, Dunlending Chieftain
M171 Solophen, Dunlending Shaman
M172 Lesser Ghost of the Underdeep
M173 Skeletons of the Underdeep
M174 Cave Troll of the Underdeep
M175 Saruman at Orthanc
M176 Gandalf Imprisoned at Orthanc
M177 Dunlendings of Isengard
M178 Ugluk, Uruk Hai Orc
M179 Half Orcs
M180 Half Orc Captain
M181 Wormtongue - Saruman's Spy
M182 Mannish Captain of Orthanc
M183 White Hand Orc with Merry
M184 White Hand Orc with Pippin
Fangorn Forest
M185 Treebeard with Merry & Pippin
M186 Quickbeam
M187 Skinbark
M188 Fimbrethil Ent Wife
M189 Enting
M190 Huorn (Tree Killer)
M191 Tolwen Elven Healer
M192 Hundin - The Bandit Chief
M193 Bandits of Tir Limlight
M194 Female Bandit
Minas Tirith
M195 Denethor - Steward of Gondor
M196 Pippin & Bergil
M197 Gondorian Officer
M198 Gondorian Infantry (2)
M199 Gondorian Royal Guards (2)
M200 Faramir at Osgiliath
M201 Gondorian Mounted Officer
M202 Ioreth the Healer
M203 Gondorian Townsfolk (2)
M204 Gondorian Nobleman
Elves of Lorien
M205 Galadriel (enthroned)
M206 Elf Maidens
M207 Lorien Bowman
M208 Amroth of Lorien
M209 Nimrodel
M210 Lorien Guardian/Guide
M211 Celeborn (mounted)
M212 Elvish Female Adventurer
M213 Lorien Spearman
M214 Lorien Swordsman
Tale Of Turin
M215 Turin the Outlaw
M216 Morwen & Neinor
M217 Thingol of Doriath
M218 Outlaw of Teiglin
M219 Mim & Ibun
M220 Turin Gorthol "Dreadhelm"
M221 Beleg Strongbow
M222 Morgoth Orcs (2)
M223 Wolf Sentinel
M224 Gwindor
Mithril Fellowship
MS225 Celebrimbor the Elven-Smith
MS226 Isildur and the One Ring
The Hobbit
M227 Bilbo Baggins
M228 Gandalf The Wizard
M229 Thorin the Dwarf
M230 Master Elrond
M231 The Great Goblin
M232 Gollum
M233 Beorn
M234 Elven King
M235 Bard Of Laketown
Mithril Fellowship
MS230 The Acclamation of Wulf of Edoras
MB236 The Hobbit (Box)
MB237 The Fellowship Of The Ring (Box)
Turin The Black Sword
M238 Turin "Black-sword" Mounted
M239 Orodeth of Nargothrond
M240 Findulas & Gwindor
M241 Brodda the Easterling
M242 Hithlum Easterling Warrior
M243 Brandir the Lame
M244 Turin Turumbar
M245 Nimiel the Bride
M246 Angband Orc Captain
M247 Noldo Elven Warrior
The Ancient Folk
M248 Ghan-Buri-Ghan & Spearman
M249 Woses Warrior & Priestess
M250 Corpse Candle
M251 Undead Warrior
M252 Pukel men (2)
M253 Swamp Star
M254 Mewlip
M255 Lesser Barrow Wight
M256 Barrow Wight Lord
M257 Barrow Wight King
Mithril Fellowship
MS258 The Oath of Cirion and Eorl
Riders Of Rohan
M259 Rohir Warrior with Axe
M260 King Theoden on Rearing Horse (MC22)
M261 Rohir Warrior & Dunlending
M262 Eomer on Horse (MC23)
M263 Rohir Warrior with Longsword
M264 Mounted Rohirrim with Spear
M265 Mounted Rohirrim Standard Bearer
M266 Hama of Meduseld
M267 Rohirrim Foot Archer
M268 Rohirrim Foot with Spear
The Last Alliance
M269 Gil-Galad High Elven King
M270 Elrond - Herald of Gil-Galad
M271 Elindel the tall
M272 Isildur the Ring Bearer
M273 Cirdan at Gorgoroth
M274 Anarion
M275 Oropher Elven king
M276 Numenorean Infantry
M277 Numenorean Dunnish Tracker
M278 Numenorean Infantry
MB279 The Lord of the Nazgul (Box)
Mithril Fellowship
MS280 Chieftain lifted by 3 warriors on shield...
M281 Strider Fighting Orc Chieftain
M282 Legolas &Gimli
M283 Boromir & Orc
M284 Cave Troll
M285 Balin's Tomb
M286 Doorway
M287 Sam & Frodo
M288 Orc Archer & Orc Spearman
M289 Gandalf Casting Spell
M290 Merry & Pippin
M291 Gondor Royal Army Spearman
M292 Gondor Royal Army Swordsman
M293 Haradan Mounted Chieftain
M294 Haradan Mailed Infantryman
M295 Mordor Black Troll
M296 Gondor Royal/Provincial Shields
Mithril Fellowship
MS297 Tom Bombadil and the Badger - folk
MS298 The Return of the King: King Elessar and Queen Arwen
MS299 Gandalf and the Witch King
MB300 Balrog Of Moria (Box)
The Misty Mountain
M301 Great Eagle - Gwaihir
M302 Great Eagle - Landroval
M303 Great Eagle - Attacking Orc
M304 Great Eagle Meneldor
M305 Hithaeglir Northman Adventurer
M306 Dwarvish travellers (2)
M307 Stone Giant
M308 Hithaeglir Goblins (2)
The Orcs Of The Red Eye
M309 Orc Warband Leader
M310 Mordor Orc Standard Bearer
M311 Mordor Orc Archers (2)
M312 Mordor Orc Drummer
M313 Armoured Orcs (2)
M314 Orc Rider On Charging Warg
M315 Orc Rider On Running Warg
Women Of Middle Earth
M316 Eowyn Dermhelm Mounted
M317 Female Woodman Scout
M318 Dunland Girl Warrior
M319 Dunland Priestess
M320 Elf Girl
M321 Goldberry
M322 Easterling Shamaness
M323 Two Female Hobbits
M324 Female Vampires
M325 Northman Female Ranger
Frodo & Sam in Mordor
M326 Shagrat & Gorbag
M327 Frodo & Sam Dressed as Orcs
M328 Luburz - Orc Tracker
M329 The Ringwriath
M330 Morgul Orc Fighting
M331 Lugburz Orc Fighting
M332 Frodo in the Tower
M333 Lugburz Great Uruk
M334 Lugburz Captain with Whip
M335 Snagas (small orcs) (2)
MB336 Orc Warband (Box)
MB337 Gondor Warband (Box)
House Of Elrond
M338 Elrond the Loremaster
M339 Elrohir
M340 Elf Girl Harpist
M341 Bilbo with Book
M342 Elf Children in Tree
M343 Aragorns Leave Taking
M344 Elven Flower Maidens (2)
MB345 The Vengeance of Smaug (Box)
M346 [no figure]
M347 [no figure]
Hobbits Of The Shires
M348 Farmer Maggot & his Dogs
M349 The Ringwraith in the Shire
M350 Gandalf & the Hobbit Children
M351 Freddy Bolgar & the Innkeeper
M352 Lobelia & Lotho
M353 Marcho & Blanco
M354 King Ageleb & Guard
M355 The Mayor & the Sherrif
M356 Bounders
M357 Rose Gamgee & Goldilocks
MB358 Scatha the Worm (Box)
Lord Of The Rings Vignettes 1
MV359 Isildur at the Gladden Fields
MV360 Saruman and Gandalf at Orthanc
MV361 Stormcrow: Gandalf, Theoden and Wormtongue
MV362 Bilbo Surrenders the One Ring
Thorin & Dain
M363 Thorin in War Gear
M364 Balin in War Gear
M365 Gloin in War Gear
M366 King Dain
M367 Iron Hills Standard
M368 Iron Hills Drummer
M369 Dain Huscarl
M370 Iron Hills Axemen (2)
M371 Dwarves with Warhammers (2)
M372 Advancing Dwarves with Axes (2)
MB369 The Uruloki (Fire Dragon) (Box)
The Lord Of The Rings Vignettes 2
MV373 Gildor Inglorion
MV374 The Ringwraith
MV375 In The House Of Tom Bombadil
MV376 The Barrow Tomb
The Rangers Of Ithilien
M377 Faramir
M378 Mablung Firing Bow
M379 Ranger Loading Bow
M380 Damrod Running
M381 Morgul Orc Archer
M382 Southron Swordsman
M383 Anborn & Gollum
M384 Haradan & Ranger Fighting
M385 Morgul Orc with Scimitar
M386 Ranger Swordsman
The Village of Bree
M387 Barliman Butterbur & Nob
M388 The Blacksmith
M389 Pedlar with wares
M390 Cutpurse & Guardsman
M391 Travelling Alchemist
M392 Woman and child
M393 Sam with Bill the Pony
M394 The Mayor
M395 The Nightwatch
MB396 Shelob's Lair (Box)
MB397 Cold Drake of the Withered Heath (Box)
The Battle of Mirkwood
M398 Lorien spearman throwing
M399 Celeborn in armour
M400 Galadriel in armour (mounted)
M401 Woodmen bowman loading
M402 Woodmen bowman firing
M403 Woodmen girl with bow
M404 Beorning chieftain
M405 Beorning warrior with axe
M406 Lorien Elven swordman
M407 Lorien spearman running
M408 Dol Guldur Orc Captain with whip
M409 Armoured orcs with spear / morningstar
M410 Orc Light Infantry, archer & slinger
M411 Orc Infantry with scimitars
M412 Werewolf attacking
M413 Werewolf running
M414 Dol Guldur Troll throwing rock
M415 Dol Guldur Troll with stone axe
M416 Dol Guldur Troll attacking
M417 Woodmen archer defending
MV419 The Death of King Theoden
(April 2005) (limited to 1000)
MV420 The Swan Knights (April 2005)
(limited to 1000)
MB422 Smaug the Dragon Triumphant (Box)
(Sept 2005) (limited to 1000)
The Armies of Gondor - Lossarnach
M424 Lossarnach Lord, Forlong the Old
M425 Foot Officer
M426 Standard Bearer
M427 Infantry advancing with axe / sword
M428 Infantry defending with axe / sword
M429 Infantry with 2 handed axe / sword)
M430 Infantry charging with axe / sword
M431 Infantry advancing raised axe / sword
M432 Infantry with sword / axe
M433 Infantry herald
MERP Middle-Earth Characters
M443 Dagorhir the Warlord
M444 Dunedain Male Mage
M445 Female Hobbit Scoutt
M446 Dunlending Male Scout
M447 Eriadoran Female Scout
M448 Female Noldo Elf Bard
M449 Malbeth the Seer
M450 Aranarth, Dunedain chieftain
M451 Dunedain Female Mage
M452 Orc Animist
Mordors Armies - The Corsairs of Umbar
M472 Corsairs Slave Oarsman with axe
M473 Umbar Captaint
M474 Umbar Marine Officer
M475 Corsairs Seaman with spear
M476 Corsairs Seaman with bow
M477 Corsairs Seaman with grappling hook
M478 Corsairs Marine advancing with sword
M479 Corsairs Marine running with sword
M480 Corsair Sailor with scimitar
M481 Corsair Slave Oarsman with cudgel

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