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Mithril Miniatures - LO, LR and LT series

Mithril LO 54mm Releases
LO1 Gandalf
LO2 Frodo
LO3 Sam
LO4 Strider
LO5 Legolas
LO6 Gimli
LO7 Merry
LO8 Pippin
LO9 Boromir
LO10 Galadriel
LO11 Saruman the wizard of Orthanc
LO12 Ring-wraith
LO13 Tom Bombadil
LO14 Goldberry
LO15 Isengard orc warrior
LO16 Elrond
LO17 Gollum & Bilbo
LO18 Isildur
LO19 Eowyn
LO20 Saruman & Gandalf
LO21 Eomer - Third marshal of the Mark
LO22 Theoden - King of the Mark
LO23 Grima Wormtongue
LO24 Half-orc of Isengard
LO25 Gildor Inglorion
LO26 Faramir
LO27 Easterling Chieftain
LO28 Celeborn
LO29 Lord of the Nazgul
LO30 Frodo & Sam at Mt.Doom
The Lord of the Rings (LR), Limited
LR1 Gandalf the Grey
LR2 Saruman the White
LR3 Radagast the Brown
LR4 Blue Wizard of the East
LR5 Blue Wizard of the South
LR6 Elrond, herald of Gil-galad
LR7 Isildur and the One Ring
LR8 Cirdan, the bearer of Narya
LR9 Galadriel, the bearer of Nenya
LR10 Gil-galad, the bearer of Vilya
LR11 The Witch-king
LR12 Nazgul Lieutenant
LR13 Adunaphel
LR14 Akhorahil
LR15 Dwaw of Waw
LR16 Hoarmurath
LR17 Indur Dawndeath
LR18 Ren the unclean
LR19 Uvatha the horseman
LR20 Ring-wraith
LR21 The watcher at Sarn Ford
LR22 Bilbo (farewell speech)
LR23 Frodo & Sam
LR24 Merry & Pippin
LR25 Gildor Inglorion
LR26 Farmer & Mrs Maggot
LR27 Fatty Bolger and the Gaffer
LR28 Goldberry
LR29 Tom Bombadil & Fatty Lumpkin
LR30 Barrow wight
LR31 Barliman Butterbur & Nob
LR32 Strider
LR33 Bill Ferny
LR34 Bill the Pony
LR35 Stalking Ringwraiths(2 Figs)
LR36 Glorfindel
LR37 Elrond
LR38 Elladan
LR39 Elrohir
LR40 Arwen
Mithril LT Helms Deep
LT1 Gandalf on Shadowfax
LT2 Aragorn at Helms Deep
LT3 Legolas at Helms Deep
LT4 Gimli at Helms deep
LT5 Gamling the old
LT6 Theoden King of the Mark
LT7 Erkenbrand of Westfold
LT8 Rohir spearman
LT9 Isengard orc with scimitar
LT10 Isengard orc archer
LT11 Hama
LT12 Dunland chieftain
LT13 Half-orcs
LT14 Dunlendings
LT15 Grimbold

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