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Mithril Miniatures - Complete List

MS225 Celebrimbor the Elven-Smith
MS226 Isildur and the One Ring
MS230 The Acclamation of Wulf of Edoras
MS258 The Oath of Cirion and Eorl
MS280 Chieftain lifted by 3 warriors on shield...
MS297 Tom Bombadil and the Badger - folk
MS298 The Return of the King: King Elessar and Queen Arwen
MS299 Gandalf and the Witch King
MX421 Eotheod Ranger (Fram, son of Frumgar) (Designer June 2005) (limited to 100)
MS423 Aragorn & the Palantir
(May 2005)
MS434 Death of Boromir Vignette
(October 2005)
MS435 Sauron at Gorgoroth Vignette
(November 2005)
MX436 Burzash - Mordor Olag-hai Troll Chief (Designer Feb 2006) (limited to 100)
MS437 Halbarad - Northern Ranger miniature.
(December 2005)
MS438 Queen Beruthiel and cats Vignette.
(January 2006)
MS439 King of the Dead
(February 2006)
MS440 Cirdan the Shipwright
(March 2006)
MS441 Bilbo the Barrel Rider
(March 2006)
MS442 Helm Hammerhand
(April 2006)
MS453 Thorin Entombed with the Arkenstone
(Vignette May 2006)
MS454 Faramir and Eowyn -
(June 2006)
MS455 Beorn Battles Bolg -
(August 2006)
MX456 Frumgar - Chieftain of the Eotheod (Designer - September 2006)
(limited to 100)
MS457 Gothmog, Lieutenant of Minas Morgul -
(October 2006)
MS458 The Witch-King of Angmar -
(October 2006)
MS459 Gilraen and Aragorn fleeing to Imladris -
(November 2006)
MS460 Eorl and Felarof -
(January 2007)
MS461 Beregond -
(February 2007)
MS462 Thranduil -
(March 2007)
MS463 Unknown
MS464 Female Ranger -
(April 2007)
MS465 Corsair Admiral -
(April 2007)
MS466 Thranduils Standard bearer -
(June 2007)
MS467 Ent Trumpeting -
(June 2007)
MS468 Haradrian Champion on war camel -
(August 2007)
MS469 Lossoth Hunter -
(August 2007)
MS470 Aragorn and Eomer meet in the midst of Battle -
(November 2007)
MS471 Troll Drummer -
(November 2007)
MA1 Galadriel (54mm)
unknown Strider
unknown Eowyn
Christmas Specials
1993 Isildur
1994 Gandalf
1995 King Arthur
1996 Bard
1997 Theoden
1998 Elrond
1999 Butterbur
2000 Imrahil
2001 Arwen

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