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Minot's Miniatures Armoury -
Thane Tostig Range - 25mm.

TT1 Thane, Tostig with Detachable Shield
TT2 Edith, Tostig's female companion
TT3 Beowulf of Barkynge with Battle Axe
TT4 Sigurd, master of the bow and arrow
TT5 Gurth the Serf, with spear, shield & horn
TT6 Cedric the Slosher
TT7 Infang, Tostig's ferocious dog
King Debobmik Fen & Wood Sprites
TT8 King Debobmik, seated on throne
TT9 Executioner with Axe
TT9a Halt naked female kneeling
TT10 Court Jester
TT11 Palace Guard with Pole-Axe
TT12 Hudekin the Giant idol, with the Blooddrinker sword (54mm.)
Sprite Warriors of the Debobmiks
TT13 Naked Sprite with Hudekin Standard
TT14 Naked Sprite with War Horn
TT15 Naked Sprite Drummer with Drum
TT16 Armoured Sprite with Spiked Mace
TT17 Armoured Sprite with Disemboweling Sword
TT18 Armoured Sprite with Broad-Bladed Sword
TT19 Naked Sprite Tribesman with Pole-Axe
TT20 Naked Sprite Tribesman with Glaive
TT21 Naked Sprite Tribesman Archer
TT22 Naked Sprite Tribesman with Rock
At the Torture Chamber of the Debobmik Sprites
TT23 Stretching Rack and Operator
TT24 Wheel of Torment (takes two victims)
TT25 Naked Female Torture Victim
TT26 Naked Male Torture Victim
TT27 Sprite Torturer with Whip
TT28 Sprite Torturer with Ripper Tongs
TT29 Brazier with Hot Brandinq Iron & Sprite Attendant
Sprite Sorcery
TT30 The vile wood witch, Hangbeffor
TT31 Hangbeffor's Bubbling Cauldron
TT32 Hangbeffor's Table, with Spell Book, & Bats
TT33 Hangbeffor's Giant Earwiq Familiar
TT 34 Merlin the Magician
TT 35 Merlin's Altar
TT 36 Altar Accessories (Books, Bottles)
TT 37 Skeleton with Axe and Shield
TT 38 Skeleton with Sword and Shield
TT 39 Skeleton with Poleaxe and Shield
TT 40 Skeleton Firing Bow
TT 41 Skeleton with Spiked Mace and Shield
TT 42 Skeleton Standard Bearer
TT 43 Skeleton War Trumpeter
TT 44 Monk with Staff
TT 45 Monk with Folded Hands
TT 46 Abbot with Large Cross
TT 47 Unhooded Monk with Staff
TT 48 Monk Kneeling in Prayer
TT 49 Monk with Processional Cross
TT 50 Abbot with Hands Raised to God
TT 51 Monk with Pack Mule

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