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Minot's Miniatures Armoury -
Olympians, Heroes and Horrors - 25mm.

CGG Gods & Goddesses
1 Zeus, throwing thunderbolt
2 Apollo, playing lyre
3 Hermes, messenger of mortals
4 Poseidon, god of the sea
5 Dionysus, god of wine
6 Ares, god of war
7 Hephaestus, god of f ire
8 Pallas Athena, protectress in war
9 Artemis, the huntress
10 Hera, protectress of Marriage
11 Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
12 Demeter, Goddess Of Crops
CGH Heroes
1 Heracles, in lion skin, attacking
2 Ulysses, slayer of the cyclops
3 Jason, leader of the argonauts
4 Perseus, slayer of the medusa
CGA One-breasted Arnazons
1 Amazon archer
2 Amazon, with Pella and axe
3 Amazon, with Pella and spear
4 Amazon, with Pella and sword
CGM Monsters
1 Giant Cyclops(80mm.) with raised club and naked female captive
2 Hydra, with 9 heads
3 Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons
4 Harpie, bat-winged man
5 Satyr, playing flute on tree slump
6 Minotaur, man's torso on bull's body
7 Centaur, man's torso on horse body
8 Sphinx, female torso on lion body
9 Sea Serpent, three pieces
10 Nautilus, giant squid
11 2 Sirens (sea witches) on rock
CGZ Miscellaneous
1 Greek Girl with water vase
2 Weatherbeaten tree with Golden Fleece hanging from branch
3 Greek Marble Pillar
4 Greek Galley
5 Hooded Fiqure (beggar, prophet. etc.)

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