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Minot Miniatures -
The Age of the Barbarian - 25mm.

Super Heroes
HA1 Barbarian with Sword
HA2 Barbarian with Battle Axe
HA3 Barbarian Heroine
HA4 Red She Devil
HA5 Berserker on horse
HA6 Dealer of Death on horse
HA7 Ape Creature
HA8 Swamp Demon
HA9 Giant Neanderthal Man
HA10 Black Queen of Death
HA11 Black Wizard
HA12 Terrified Nude Female
HA13 Goddess of Light
HA14 Sabre-toothed Tiger
HA15 Snake Goddess
HA 16 Talis with Queen seated on Oceanic Court Throne
HA 17 Large Refectory-Type Table with Plates, Food, Wine, etc.
HA 18 Bench for HA-17, seats 4
HA 19 Nude Dancer for HA-17
HA 20 Seated Barbarian, Drinking
HA 21 Seated Barbarian, Eating
HA 22 Seated Barbarian, Holding Up Goblet
HA 23 Seated Pair of Barbarians, Arm-In-Arm, Holding Up Goblets
HA 24 Seated Pair: Barbarian with Girl
HA 25 Drunken Barbarian Slumped on Table
HA 26 Seated Maiden, Eating
HA 27 Seated Maiden, Drinking
HA 28 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 29 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 30 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 31 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
(HA28-31 all in different poses)
HA 32 Semi-Nude Serving Wench with Tray of Food
HA 33 Serving Wench with Tray of Drinks
HA 34 Seated Barbarian Grasping Female Dancer, Exposing Her Rear
HA 35 Barbarian Standing, Leaning on Table
HA 36 Barbarian with Arm Around Maiden
HA 37 Barbarian with Maiden, Dancing
HA 38 Barbarian with Maiden on his Shoulder
HA 39 Barbarian Lying on Cushions
HA 40 Barbarian Carrying Off Maiden
100 Conan (as per Frazetta cover)

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