Minifigs - SF Range - 25mm

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SF1 Terresti Eonhover Vehicle
SF2 Terresti Amphibian with Laser
SF3 Aquila Death Angel
SF4 Vertos Robotic
SF5 Cehan Fishlord with Laser
SF6 Cehan Giant Insectoid
SF7 Vertos Robonan with Laser
SF8 Aquila Starman
SF9 Earth Federation Spaceman with Jet Pack
SF10 Earth Federation Spacemen with Laser
SF11 Cehan Pinhead with Laser Rifle
SF12 Cehan Pinhead Commander
SF13 Cehan Pinhead with Death Spray
SF14 Terresti Eonhover Heavy Laser
SF15 Terresti Mad Rider
SF16 Mad Rider's Mount
SF17 Cehan Control Centre
SF18 Aquila Lite-Man
SF19 Aquila Dream-Man
SF20 Terresti Eonhover Vehicle Driver
SF21 Terresti Eonhover H/Laser Operator
SF22 Terresti Mad Rider King 1
SF23 Aquila Underling with Club 1
SF24 Aquila Underling Leader with Axe
SF25 Vertos Robotic Brain Control
SF26 Vertos Roboman Commander
SF27 Vertos Robotic Commander
SF28 Cehan Pinhead Firing Laser Rifle
SF29 Cehan Pinhead Firing Death Spray
SF30 Earth Federation Magnocraft with Driver
SF31 Earth Federation Conscript with Sonic Gun
SF32 Earth Federation Conscript Captain
SF33 Herbicus Umbrella Plant
SF34 Herbicus Neutron Stunner
SF35 Herbicus Carnivorous Fern
SF36 Herbicus Pollen Spray
SF37 Herbicus Plantman with Boomerang
SF38 Herbicus Plantnan with Neutraliser
SF39 Valka Spacewoman with Laser
SF40 Valka Spacewoman with Neon Gun
SF41 Valka Spacewoman with Laser Pistol
SF42 Valka Spacewoman with Spear
SF43 Valka Spacewoman with 0rganic Tube
SF44 Valka Spacewoman with Club
SF45 Valka Hover Operator
SF46 Valka Sonic Hover Gun
SF47 Valka Spacewoman with Death Spray
SF48 Valka Hover Detector
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