Minifigs - Mythical Earth Range - 25mm

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ME1 Man-Orc with Sword
ME2 Wood Elf with Bow
ME3 Strip of 2 Dwarves
ME4 Wizard
ME5 Elf
ME6 Strip of 3 Hobbits
ME7 Wood Elf with Sword
ME8 Mounted Wizard
ME9 Man Orc with Axe
ME10 2 Mounted Hobbits
ME11 Large Troll with Club
ME12 2 Small Trolls
ME13 2 Armoured Dwarves
ME14 Large Wolf (Suitable for ME 15 or 16)
ME15 Mounted Goblin with Axe
ME16 Mounted Goblin with Sword
ME17 Large Huorn
ME18 Small Huorn
ME19 Rohan Lancer
ME20 Rohan Horse Archer
ME21 Dunland Spearman
ME22 Dunland Axeman
ME23 True Orc Archer
ME24 True 0rc Swordsman
ME25 Harad Spearman
ME26 Harad Mounted Lancer
ME27 Southron Spearman
ME28 Southron Mounted Swordsman
ME29 Pukelman
ME30 Balrog
ME31 Hill Troll
ME32 Skeleton Man
ME33 Ithilien Spearman
ME34 Ithilien Archer
ME35 Gondor Citadel Guard
ME36 Beorn Bearman
ME37 Large Ent
ME38 Small Ent
ME39 Giant
ME40 Giant Spider
ME41 Man Orc with Spear
ME42 Barrow Wight
ME43 Gondor Spearman
ME44 Gondor Swordsman
ME45 True Orc with Sword & Shield
ME46 Elf King
ME47 Mounted Elf
ME48 Strip 3 of Hobbits
ME49 Gondor Knight
ME50 Goblin with Sword & Shield
ME51 Frog Man
ME52 Black Rider
ME53 Ranger with Sword
ME54 Ranger with Spear
ME55 Dwarf King & Standard
ME56 Goblin with Spear/Shield/Bow
ME57 Ringwraith and Nazgul
ME58 Dragon
ME59 Eagle
ME60 Horse for Skeleton Man
ME100 Centaur
ME101 Pan
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