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One of their more bizarre and most reused ranges, parts of this range became parts of the World of Greyhawk, Legendary Legions, and Minifigs fantasy ranges.

Dwarfs on Foot

ARD 1 Dwarf
ARD 2 Dwarf Holding Lantern
ARD 3 Dwarf Holding Treasure Box
ARD 4 Dwarf with Large Axe
ARD 5 Dwarf with Spear
ARD 6 Dwarf with Axe
ARD 7 Dwarf with Bow

High Elves on Foot

ARE 1 High Elf Attacking, Sword
ARE 2 High Elf, Spear Upright
ARE 3 High Elf with Spear
ARE 4 High Elf with Sword
ARE 5 High Elf, Archer
ARE 6 High Elf with Dragon Spear
ARE 7 High Elf with Double Handed Axe
ARE 8 High Elf, Leader

Tunnel Elves on Foot

ARE 11 Tunnel Elf with Catapult
ARE 12 Tunnel Elf with Crossbow
ARE 13 Tunnel Elf Attacking/Sword
ARE 14 Tunnel Elf with Sword
ARE 15 Tunnel Elf with Spear
ARE 18 Tunnel Elf Leader
ARE 19 Tunnel Elf with Axe
ARE 20 Tunnel Elf Spear Upright
ARE 21 Tunnel Elf with Bow

Orcs on Foot

ARO 1 Long Eared Orc with Scimitar
ARO 2 Long Eared Orc with Spear
ARO 3 Long Eared Orc with Club
ARO 4 Long Eared Orc, Bowman
ARO 5 Long Eared Orc, Crossbowman

Zombies on Foot

ARZ 1 Zombie Sword raised
ARZ 2 Zombie Standard Bearer
ARZ 3 Zombie with Spear
ARZ 4 Zombie with Club
ARZ 5 Zombie with Sword
ARZ 6 Zombie Crouching
ARZ 7 Zombie with Crossbow
ARZ 8 Zombie with Longbow
ARZ 9 Zombie with Spear
ARZ 10 Zombie with Sword, Slashing
ARZ 11 Zombie with Axe
ARZ 12 Zombie with Sword
ARZ 13 Zombie with Spear

Neanderthals on Foot

ARN 1 Neanderthal with Spear
ARN 2 Neanderthal with Club
ARN 3 Neanderthal with Spear & Dagger

Mounted Elfs*

AREC 1 High Elf Rider with Spear*
AREC 2 High Elf Rider with Bow*
AREC 3 High Elf Rider with Sword*
AREC 4 High Elf Rider with Standard*
AREC 5 High Elf RIder with Trumpet*
*Note Elf Riders will only fit on ARH1

Elvin Dragonmasters*

ARL 1 Elvin Dragon Master with Lance
ARL 2 Elvin Dragon Master with Axe
ARL 3 Elvin Dragon Master with Bow
ARL 4 Saddle Price Series 0
(Required if Figure Mounted on DRAG1)
NOTE * These figures will only fit on Dragons


ARH 1 Elfs Horse, Fitted High Backed Saddle
ARH 2 Sharadan Lords Horse
ARH 3 Warriors Horse
ARH 4 Knights Silver Rose Horse
ARH 5 Unicorn Women Warriors Horse


DRAG 1 Large Dragon
DRAG 2 Small Dragon, Fitted Saddle


MFM 1 Monster Skeleton Fishtoid 10

Aureola & Women Warriors on Foot

AR 1 Crowned Aureola with Sword
AR 2 Uncrowned Aureola with Sword
AR 3 Woman Warrior with Spear/Helmet
AR 4 Woman Warrior Archer
AR 5 Woman Warrior with Hand Axe
AR 6 Woman Warrior with Sword
AR 7 Woman Warrior with Spear
AR 8 Woman Warrior with Whip
AR 9 Woman Warrior with Double Handed Axe
AR 10 Woman Warrior with Sword
AR 11 Woman Warrior with Halbard
AR 12 Woman Warrior with Sword
AR 13 Woman Warrior Leaning on Spear

Women Warriors Mounted

ACR 1 Woman Warrior with Sword
ACR 2 Woman Warrior with Bow
ARC 3 Woman Warrior with Double Handed Axe
ARC 4 Woman Warrior with Sword
ARC 5 Woman Warrior with Axe
ARC 6 Woman Warrior with Spear
ARC 7 Woman Warrior with Spear
* Use Horse No ARH5

Mortals & Male Warriors on Foot

ARX 1 Mortal with Seperate Sword
ARX 2 Male Warrior with Spear
ARX 3 Male Warrior with Short Sword
ARX 4 Male Warrior Archer
ARX 5 Male Warrior with Sword
ARX 6 Male Warrior with Axe
ARX 7 Male Warrior with Double Handed Axe
ARX 8 Male Warrior with Sword & Dagger
ARX 9 Male Warrior with Double Handed Sword
ARX 10 Male Warrior with Axe

Mortals & Male Warriors Mounted

ARXC 1 Mortal with Sword
ARXC 2 Male Warrior with Chain Mace
ARXC 3 Male Warrior with Spear
ARXC 4 Male Warrior with Sword
ARXC 5 Male Warrior Archer
ARXC 6 Male Warrior with Axe
ARXC 7 Male Warrior with Dagger
* Use Horses ARH2, 3 or 4

Knights of the Silver Rose on Foot

ARK 1 Knight with Spear
ARK 2 Knight with Halbard Upright
ARK 3 Knight with Sword
ARK 4 Knight with Spear Marching
ARK 5 Knight with Double Handed Axe
ARK 6 Knight with Double Action Blow Dart
ARK 7 Knight with Halbard

Knights of the Silver Rose Mounted

ARKC 1 Knight with Spear
ARKC 2 Knight with Sword
ARKC 3 Knight with Axe
* Use Horses ARH4

Borderers, Male Wanderers on Foot

ARB 1 Borderer with Sword
ARB 2 Borderer with Spear
ARB 3 Borderer with Double Handed Axe
ARB 4 Borderer with Sword & Dagger
ARB 5 Borderer Archer
ARB 6 Borderer with Axe
ARB 7 Borderer with Halbard
ARB 8 Borderer Musician with Lyre
ARB 9 Borderer Singer
ARB 10 Borderer Crossbowman

The Sharadan Lords of Darkness Mounted

ARSC 1 Lord of Darkness Mounted Spear
ARSC 2 Lord of Darkness Mounted Sword
ARSC 3 Lord of Darkness Mounted Spear
ARSC 4 Lord of Darkness Mounted Large Axe
* Use Horse No ARH2

The Sharadan Lords of Darkness

ARS 1 Grand Accuser on Throne of Judgement
ARS 2 Accuser`s Giant Executioner
ARS 3 Accuser`s Scribes & Servants (4 figs)
ARS 4 Sharadan Guard in Winged Helm
ARS 5 Sharadan Guard in Helm

Spirits & Wizards etc

ARW 1 Wizard of Deathly Images
ARW 2 Spirit of the Hand of Death
ARW 3 Fire Demon
ARW 4 Elderly Scribe with Tablet
ARW 5 Wizard of Goodness
ARW 6 Woman Tied to Snake Posts

Lists courtesy of Nick Whittock
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