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Larger Scale

Cliff Sanderson

SSA Lizard Man with Captive Girl
SSB Mad Priest with Naked Girl
SSC1 King on Throne
SSC2 Kneeling Half-Naked Girl
SSC3 Executioner with Axe
SSC4 Court Jester
SSD Hero Rescuing Girl from Giant Serpent
SSE Winged Man Rescuing Mate from Cave Troll
SSF Naked Girl on Altar with Evil Priestess and Demon
SSG Devil Flying off with Naked Girl
SSH Small Winged Demon
SSI The Sentence
SSJ The Throne Scene
SSK Handmaiden with Fan
SSL The Caprive
SSM1 Dancing Girl
SSM2 Girl Playing Lute
SSM3 Girl Playing Harp
SSM4 Girl Playing Drum
SSN The Provincial Gavernor
SSO Female Standard Bearer
SSPA Female Warrior with Spear
SSPB Female Warrior with Sword
80F1 Amazon Warrior charging with Spear
80F2 Amazon Warrior crouching, holding dagger

Alan Biswell

The Nine Travellers
AB1 Wizard
AB2 Dwarf
AB3 Warden of the Marches
AB4 Elf
AB5D Warrior Prince and Halfman
AB6 Happy Halfman
AB7 Rustic Halfman
AB8C Halfman and Pack Pony
AB9 Goblin Captain
AB10 Large Goblin
AB11 Eastern Goblin
AB12 Small Goblin

Al Charles

ACM1 Priest Protesting
ACM2 Soldier Carrying Loot
ACM3 Soldier Smashing Barrel
ACM4 Soldier Holding Sack
ACM5 Soldier Threatening ACM6 with Sword
ACM6 Girl Prisoner
ACM7D Dwarfish Man-at-Arms with Girl Prisoner
ACMC8 Man-at-Arms, Mounted, Girl Prisoner
ACF1 Incident on Sigma Twelve
ACF2 Warrior of Almira

Lists supplied by David Wood and George Harpster
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