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Garrison Sword and Sorcery

SS1 Barbarian on foot
SS2 White Magician
SS3 Shim Guard
SS4 Northman with axe
SS5 Troll
SS6 Frost Giant
SS7 Northman Archer
SS8 Northman with spear
SS9 Northman with axe
SS10 Northman Standard Bearer
SS11 Snow Ape
SS12 Demon
SS13 Winged Demon
SS14 Vanha Spearman
SS15 Hawkman
SS16 Two-headed Troll Giant
SS17 Oriental Giant
SS18 Winged Serpent
SS19 Bosnian Archer
SS20 Aquiland Pikeman
SS21 Aquiland Infantry
SS22 Aquiland Standard Bearer
SS23 Dark Legion
SS24 Mounted Aquiland Knight with spear
SS25 Mounted Aquiland Black Guard
SS26 Mounted Aquiland Standard Bearer
SS27 Nimidian Archer
SS28 Nimidian Infantry
SS29 Nimidian Royal Guard
SS30 Nimidian Standard Bearer
SS31 Mounted Nimidian Knight with spear
SS32 Mounted Nimidian Guard with spear
SS33 Mounted Nimidian Standard Bearer
SS34 Corinthian Infantryman
SS35 Mounted Hykran Horse Archer
SS36 Pict Infantryman
SS37 Amazon Archer
SS38 Shemite Archer
SS39 Stygian Infantry with ppike
SS40 Stygian Archer
SS41 Stygian Standard Bearer
SS42 Tarun Infantryman with pike
SS43 Tarun Immortal
SS44 Tarun Archer
SS45 Tarun Standard Bearer
SS46 Mounted Tarun Heavy Cavalry
SS47 Mounted Tarun Horse Archer
SS48 Mounted Tarun Standard Bearer
SS49 Vanha Infantryman with pike
SS50 Vanha Archer
SS51 Vanha Guard with spear
SS52 Vanha Standard Bearer
SS53 Order of the Pale Hand (Wizard)
SS54 Wizard of the Dark Ring
SS55 Druid Wizard
SS56 Priest of Matri
SS57 Follower of Set
SS58 Mounted Barbarian Hero
SS59 Queen with tiger
SS60 Mounted King
SS61 Enchantress
SS62 Royal Attendant with fan
SS63 Roal Attendant with vase
SS64 Nude Temple Dancer
SS65 Griffon
SS66 Centaur
SS67 Hykan Cavalry with Glaive (mounted)
SS68 Vanha Mounted Swordsman
SS69 Queen Mounted on tiger
SS70 Tree Spirit (Ent)
SS71 Orc Chief with Standard
SS72 Armored Orc with glaive
SS73 Armored Orc with mace
SS74 Armored Frost Giant
SS75 Minotaur
SS76 Female Centaur with Bow
SS77 Armored Man Goblin with Axe
SS78 Armored Man Goblin with Glaive
SS79 Wood Elf with Bow
SS80 High Elf with Spear
SS81 Dwarf with Axe
SS82 Dwarf Chief with Horn
SS83 Four-Armed Giant
SS84 Horned Lizard
SS85 Two-Headed Serpent
SS86 Man-goblin with sword and shield
SS87 Man-goblin with bow and spear
SS88 Man-goblin in armor with bow and lance riding Giant Lizard
SS89 Zangiran Archer
SS90 Zangiran Heavy Infantry
SS91 Armored Centaur
SS92 Wraith Riding Winged Reptile
SS93 Goblin firing bow
SS94 Rock Giant
SS95 Winged Warrior with spear (bat wings)
SS96 Winged Warrior with axe (bat wings)
SS97 Winged Warrior firing bow (bat wings)
SS98 Goblin with spear
SS99 Wolfman
SS100 Winged Demon with sword of fire
SS101 Winged Warrior with spear (feathered wings)
SS102 Winged Warrior with sword (feathered wings)
SS103 Winged Warrior with bow (feathered wings)
SS104 Giant Wolf
SS105 Mountain Dwarf with hammer
SS106 Mountain Dwarf with sword and shield
SS107 Mountain Dwarf with axe and shield
SS108 Mountain Dwarf with standard
SS109 Mountain Dwarf Chief
SS110 Adventurer with longbow and mail shirt
SS111 Adventurer, armored, 2-handed axe and thrown axes
SS112 Adventurer, armored, 2-handed sword and throwing knives
SS113 Wizard casting spell
SS114 Paladin, fully armored, sword and shield
SS115 Armored Cleric with club
SSS1 Stygian War Chariot
SSS2 Vanha War Mammoth and Crew of 3
SSS3 Thoth Amon on Throne borne by Eight Slaves

Lists supplied by David Wood and George Harpster
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