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Garrison Star Troopers

ST-1 Trooper in Powered Battle Armor with Missile Launcher
ST-2 Trooper in Personal Armor, Kneeling
ST-3 Trooper Unarmored
ST-4 Alien Star Raider
ST-5 Humanoid Warrior
ST-6 Arachnid Warrior (Giant Spiderbeast)
ST-7 Cyborg Warrior
ST-8 Robot Fighting Machine
ST-9 Black Starlord
ST-10 White Star-Knight
ST-11 Young Hero
ST-12 Humanoid Robot
ST-13 Mechanical Robot
ST-14 Space Pirate Captain
ST-15 Space Pirate with Missile Launcher
ST-16 Space Pirate with Pulse Rifle
ST-17 Armored Trooper Advancing
ST-18 Trooper Captain with Pistol
ST-19 Space Pirate in Powered Armor
ST-20 Laser Cannon on Mobile Jet Mount with Crew
ST-21 Humanoid Robot with Jet Pack
ST-22 Small Laser Cannon with Crew

Lists supplied by David Wood and George Harpster
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