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Denizen Fantasy Ranges

Fantasy Adventurers
FA1 Thief pointing
FA2 Headsman with Axe
FA3 Elf Maiden
FA4 Dwarf carrying Sack
FA5 Orc with Billhook
FA6 Orc with Club
FA7 Hero charging with Sword
FA8 Fighter with Mace
FA9 Mage casting Spell
FA10 Cleric with Flail
FA11 Female Assassin
FA12 Dwarf with Hammer
FA14 Fighter with 2 handed Sword
FA15 Enchantress
FA16 Goblin with Axe
FA17 Wraith
FA18 Orc with Mace
FA19 Reptile
FA22 Heroine with Sword
FA23 Hero with Sword
FA24 Paladin drawing Sword
FA25 Weapons - Pack A
FA26 Weapons - Pack B
FA27 Orc Guardsman with Mace
FA28 Ranger with Bow
FA29 Elf Adventurer with Bow
FA30a Dwarf Adventurer with Axe
FA30b Same Dwarf with Hammer
FA33 Tribal Chieftain
FA34 Tribesman running/Spear
FA35 Man Troll with Club
FA36 Man Troll throwing Rock
FA37 Giant with Club
FA38 Female Adventurer/Sword
FA39 Goblin with Sword
FA43 Treasure Chest
FA44 Ninja drawing Sword
FA45 Goblin with Club
FA46 Adventurer drawing Sword
FA47 Same adventurer, dead
FA48 Female Ranger with Bow
FA49 Dungeon Mistress
FA51 Ninja kicking
FA52 Ninja with Sword
FA53 Ninja kneeling
FA54 Female Adventurer/Sword
FA55 Mounted Paladin/Sword
FA56 Mounted Cleric with Flail
FA57 Female Ninja
FA58 Amazon Guardswoman/Spear
FA60 Wizard with Book
FA61 Great Orc with Gnome
Legion of the Damned (Skeletal Warriors)
FA13 Axeman with Shield
FA20 Swordsman with Shield
FA21 Standard Bearer
FA31 Axeman in Scale Armour
FA32 Leather Armour/ManCleaver
FA40 Mounted Warlord
FA41 Scale Armour with Mace
FA42 Bowman in leather Armour
FA50 Pikeman holding severed head
FA59 Mounted Warlock
M1a Warrior with Sword
M1b Warrior with Axe
M1c Warrior with Polearm
M1d Warrior with Ball & Chain
M2a Cloaked warrior with Sword
M2b Cloaked warrior with Axe
M2c Cloaked warrior/Polearm
M2d Cloaked warrior/Ball & Chain
DW1 Scale Armour and Halberd
DW2 Scale Armour and Hammer
DW3 Scale Armour and Sword
DW4 Scale Armour and Axe
DW5 Leather Armour/Hammer
DW6 Leather Armour and Club
DW7 Leather Armour and Axe
DW8 Leather Armour and Sword
DW9 Chain Mail and Sword
DW10 Chain Mail and Spear
DW11 Chain Mail and CrossBow
DW12 Chain Mail and MorningStar
DW13 Chain Mail - Thief
DW14 Chain Mail - Archer
DW15 Chain Mail - 2 Swords
DW16 Chain Mail and Dagger
DW17 Plate Armour and Sword
DW18 Plate Armour/MorningStar
DW19 Plate Armour and Mace
DW20 Plate Armour and Axe
Goblins (designed by Paul Strivens)
PG1 Shaman Goblin
PG2 Goblin Swordsman
PG3 Goblin with Pike
PG4 Goblin with Spear
PG5 Goblin Swordsman
PG6 Goblin with Billhook
PG7 Goblin with Sling
PG8 Goblin Archer
PG9 Goblin Standard Bearer
PS1 Great Orc Drummer
PS2 Great Orc Champion
PS3 Demon

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