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C46 Villagers & Townsfolk

A range of innocent and not so innocent bystanders. These are amongst the more numerous of the Citadel Slotta-based ranges, but are very difficult to tie down. Many of them were never illustrated in any form of catalog and several were released in different deals with different names at different times. It goes without saying that many collectors highly desire the more obscure amongst these.

There seem to have been 4 different groups of releases, mid 1985 for the first ones, shown in the June 85 Mail Order Flyer and Autumn 85 Journal. The second batch were released in late 1985, are shown in the November 1985 flyer and Compendium 3. The third, released in 1987, were largely related to the WHFRP scenario packs, featuring the named characters as well as a few bystanders. The final group is the Travelling Players and the Townsfolk, shown in White Dwarf 96 and 99, released in late 87 and early 88.

A set of Militia was also released as part of the c46 range in October 1987.

If you have any examples that don't appear, send me a front and back shot, with details of what is written on the front and back of the tab. I'll add it to galleries.

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