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March 1988 C46 Townsfolk




Steve Yates





Probably the rarest set of Citadel Villagers and Townsfolk. There are 35 pieces in this group, all marked GW 1987, but released in March 1988. There are similarities between some of this group and the Travelling Players, e.g. the Drummers, Basket Maid/Fruit Seller and the Gate-Keeper/Loudmouth. They are different pieces, this Drummer has a longer beard and eye-patch, the Fruit Seller has a straw hat. The set was done by at least 2 sculptors, some are in the earlier c46 style and others (Priest, Gentleman) are in a different style altogether.
The names shown in parentheses are those shown on the WD99 flyer where they differ from the names on the base tab.

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