Minifigs "The World of Greyhawk" Range

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1 Amazon Infantry (swords, flails)
2 Amazon Infantry (axes, spears, bows, pole-arms)
3 Amazon Cavalry (spears, bows)
4 Amazon Cavalry (swords, axes)
5 Berserker Mercenaries (swords, spears, javelins)
6 Hireling Men-at-Arms (axes, spears, bows)
7 Men-at-Arms of the Watch (axes, spears, bows)
8 Infantry of the Guilds (spears, crossbows)
9 Cavemen (spears, clubs)
10 Valley Elf Infantry (axes, swords)
11 Valley Elf Infantry (bows, spears)
12 Valley Elf King & Guards (pole-arms)
13 Valley Elf Cavalry (lances)
14 Valley Elf Cavalry (swords, bows)
15 Mounted Knights (lances, swords, axes)
16 Knights on Foot (swords, axes, pole-arms)
17 Freeholder Infantry (spears, bows)
18 The Steadfast Pike (pikes)
19 Free City Foot (spears, swords, bows)
20 Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (swords, spears)
21 Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (assorted weapons)
22 Goblin Infantry (swords, axes)
23 Goblin Infantry (bows, crossbows, catapults)
24 Goblin Chieftain & Guards (spears, pole-arms)
25 Human Forest Warriors (swords, axes, spears, pole-arms)
26 Human Forest Warriors (bows, crossbows, slings)
27 Mounted Knights (lances,axes, swords)
28 Heavy Missile Infantry (bows, crossbows)
29 Light Missile Infantry (bows, crossbows, slings)
30 Mounted Knights (lances, maces, swords)
31 Knights on Foot (swords, axes, pole-arms)
32 Freeholder Infantry (spears, bows)
33 Esquire (Medium) Horse (lanes, swords, axes)
34 Brethren Foot Guards (spears)
35 Hierarch, Headsman & Amazon Captive on Torture Stake
36 Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (swords, bows)
37 Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (axes, spears)
38 Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (spears)
39 Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (spears, scything axes)
40 Mounted Knights (lances, maces, swords)
41 Brigand Infantry (swords, spears, bows)
42 Halfling Fighters (swords, axes, spears, bows)
43 Wandering Adventurers (magic-user, cleric, bard, halfling-thief)
44 Heroic Mercenary Foot (axes, spears, bows)
45 Heroic Mercenary Foot (swords)
46 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (swords)
47 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (short swords, spears)
48 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (morning stars, bows)
49 Elite Death-Guard Cavalry (lances)
50 Overking’s Heavy Guard Cavalry (lances)
51 Overking’s Heavy Guard Cavalry (axes, swords)
52 Overking’s Heavy Guard Foot (spears, axes, blow-pipes)
53 Overking’s Heavy Guard Foot (pole-arms, swords)
54 Wyvern-Hawk
55 Harginn-Elemental Grue (elemental of plain of fire)
56 Iuz Enthroned & Evil Halflings (evil demi-god & minions)
57 Dragonnel & Lancer
58 Dragonnel & Archer
59 Dragonnel & Pole-Axeman
60 Magnus Dragonnel
61 Dragonnettes
62 Giant Spider, Rats and Beetles
63 Flying Dinosaurs & Armoured Dinosaur
64 Aquatic Dragonnel
65 Monster Stoppers (catapult, dart thrower)
66 Unicorns, Beasts & Hounds
67 Elite Death Guard Cavalry
68 Orcs
69 Gnolls
70 Half-Orcs
71 Mounted Men-at-Arms of the Watch

List courtesy of Richard Scott of Otherworld Games
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