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Regiments Of Renown

Released along with the Warhammer expansion "Forces of Fantasy" in 1984, these were originally offered in sets of 8 solid based figures plus a command figure, they came in boxes with vacuum formed trays and clear lids. Each regiment had its own tray. You had to buy 3 sets to get all three command figures. RR1-12 were available in this packaging.

A fourth command figure, the Champion, was introduced with the advent of second edition of Warhammer, these were slotta based. Styrofoam trays replaced the vacuum formed ones and a new box sleeve with artwork was used. RR13-18 were released in this packaging, along with the re-sculpted version of RR3, RR$, RR7 and RR8.

RRD1-6 were new designs in custom boxes, specific to the regiments. RRD7-12 were repackaged from the older range in clear plastic bisterboxes. A complete set of troopers and command was in each box.

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