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Citadel Limited Editions - 1996 on

Events and Promotions Limited Editions

Several limited pieces have been produced to commemorate specific events, such as the opening of the one-hundredth Games Workshop store, twenty-five years of Games Workshop, or twenty-five years of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.

A number of promotional special editions were available for the various GW Organizations to use in their own promotions. They have become available at so many different events that I have stopped trying to list the events. Some have later become available as direct sales items.

In 1997, they offered a huge, all metal, version of the Thunderhawk Gunship in a wooden presentation case, a truely awesome beast, and utterly impractical on the table, not that that stopped anybody.

GW Milestones
Sgt Centurius
(100th GW store 1996)
Emperor's Champion
(GW 25th anniversary 2000)
Heroes of the Adeptus Astartes Box
(GW 25th anniversary 2000)
Enemies of The Imperium Box
(GW 25th anniversary 2000)
White Dwarf XXX
(White Dwarf 30th anniversary 2007)
Harry the Hammer
(Warhammer 25th anniversary 2008)
Space Marine Captain
(Warhammer 40,000 25th anniversary 2012)
Imperial Space Marine 2016
(30th Anniversary of Space Marines 2016)
Captain Centos
(100th North American Store 2016)
Terminator Captain
(2016 Store Opening Promotion)
Terminator Chaplain
(2016 Store Opening Promotion)
Primaris Space Marine Captain
(2017 Store Anniversary)
Thunderhawk Gunship
(Special Project 1997)
Space Marine Drop Pod
(GW Australia 1999)
Empire Greatsword Champion
(Cry Havoc Event)
Space Marine Sgt with Power Fist & Bolter
(Web Store 2008)
Space Marine Captain 1 (with Storm Bolter and Powerfist)
(Web Store Relaunch April 2014)
Space Marine Captain 2 (with Plasma Pistol, Power Fist & Banner)(Web Store Relaunch April 2014)
Bugman's Bar / Warhammer World
PR97 Josef Bugman (Bugmans's Bar)
2008 Josef Bugman (Bugman's Bar 2008)
2012 Josef Bugman (Bugman's Bar 2012)
Space Marine HQ Command Tanks (2016)
Forge World Chaos Dwarf Legion of Azgorh Daemonsmith (2016)
Forge World Warlord Titan Head (2016)
Errant Questor (2016)
Alfrid Lickspittle (2017)
Grak & Crumbleberry (2017)
Warhammer Online
Grumlok & Gazbag
(Warhammer Online 2008))
Competition Trophies
Racing Nob
(Games Day Event Prize 2007)
Bonnie Annerson
(Necromunda Tournament 1996)
Rogue Demon
(Rogue Trader Store Painting)
Frodo Wearing the One Ring
(US LOTR Painting 2003)

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