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C100 Space Marines

Space Marines, the look that launched an Empire. Previewed by the LE2 Imperial Space Marine (1985?), the first 8 C100 Imperial Space Marines appeared in the August 1986 Flyer, and were later joined by the 14 RTO1 Marines. All of them were still in production in the 1991 catalogue, albeit after several name changes!
See the Rogue Trader section for more details.

C100 Space Marines - August 1986 Flyer

The first appearance of the iconic Space Marines


C100 Space Marines - Spring 1987 Citadel Journal


C100 Space Marines - RT1 Flyer (Feb 88)


C100/RTO1 Space Marines - Astronomican (Feb 88)

A mixture of C100 and RT01 Marines. Brother Angst is confused.


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