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C36 Hobgoblins

The ones shown in Compendium were sculpted by the Perrys and came from the short lived FTH range. These were replaced by oriental style sculpts by Aly Morrison in July 1984, along with the DL2 Hobgoblin Warriors boxed set. Some of these were converted to slottabases in 1985, when several new sculpts were added, making 20 slottabased Hobgoblins.
A well painted set of the July 1984 sculpts can be seen here.

C36 Hobgoblins - Compendium 1


C36 Hobgoblins - Jul 1984 Flyer

The 10 shown at the bottom are duplicates, so there are 19 in all, including Gyokurinti the Strangler.


C36 Hobgoblins - Compendium 2


C36 Hobgoblins - May 1985 Flyer


C36 Hobgoblins - WD67 Insert (Jul 1985)


C36 Hobgoblins - Autumn 1985 Journal


C36 Hobgoblins - Compendium 3


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