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C22 Snotling Pump Wagon

Available as either a single or double decker version. The second deck was originally sold as an expansion for the basic wagon. The single decker came with 4 riders and 2 crew, the double added 6 riders.


Tap, tap, tap, tap. Hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer. Hammer, hammer, thunk.


Grim Warspanner was having a very bad day. It would turn out to be a day which would change his whole life, but he didn"t pause to reflect on this as he danced around his workshop clutching his flattened thumb. Even Breakface, his old and foul-mouthcd parrot, winced as Grim swore steadily for three minutes without repeating himself.

"Wash your mouth out," it squawked, as Grim paused for breath, "Wash your mouth... FAWWK!!"

"And you can shut up, as well." growled the Dwarf, as the parrot climbed unsteadily back onto its perch. It cowered as he went to retrieve his hammer.

Grim's black mood was lifted slightly by the patter of small feet outside his workshop door.

"Ere, Grim" called a high-pitched voice from outside, "You in?" Grim opened the door, and was confronted by a small, green-skinned figure, clutching a sack that was almost as big as itself.

"Got stuff" it squeaked, "You got stuff?" Grim went back into his workshop and up-ended a small sack. A couple of pounds of nails fell out onto the floor - Grim had flattened them with a sledgehammer and ground them to a sharp edge, creating several dozen tiny knives. The Snotling picked one up. examined the blade, and stuck it in its loincloth with a toothy grin.

"Good stuff." it said, "Ere" It tipped out its own sack, and a shower of small, brightly-coloured mushrooms cascaded onto the floor. Grim popped one in his mouth, and a smile slowly across his face.

"Ere, Grim" the Snotling broke into his reverie. "Wotzat?"

"My latest invention," said Grim, walking over to the wooden. cartlike object he had been working on. "A combination of a pump-operated horseless truck and a graincutting machine. adapted for use on the battlefield." Seeing the look of blank incomprehension on the Snotlings face. He repeated his explanation. using a mixture of pantomime and very short words.

"This" he said indicating the rocker-pump on top of the cart, "Up, down." He began to work the pump, and the machine moved forward a little way, the spiked roller on the front spinning rapidly.

"Kills lots" he continued, miming being run down and swept under the roller. "Aarg, splat." The Snotling's eyes were wide with awe.

"Aargh, splat," it said, in hushed tones, "Coorrrr!"

Later that night, Grim was awoken from a peaceful sleep by a tremendous splintering crash from the direction of his workshop. He reached the window just in time to see the silhouette of his invention disappearing over the hill. Two Snotlings were working the pump mechanism furiously, and several more were hanging off the sides.

Grim's Reaper was stolen from its creator, the Dwarven Engineer Grim Warspanner. by a group of Snotlings. who blazed a trail of destruction across a wide tract of forest before they encountered the Orcs of the Splintered Bone tribe. After some not entirely bloodless negotiations, the machine and its Snotling crew were pressed into service as allies. and the machine saw action in several battles, disrupting enemy lines as the Orcs closed for combat.

The machine requires a minimum crew of 2. Starting from rest. its M rises by 1 point per turn up to a maximum of 6. the machine always moves its full movement allowance. Deceleration causes M to drop by 1 point per turn, and turn it (which requires a total of 10 S). Any figure struck by the spiked roller as the machine ploughs across the battlefield takes 1 automatic S6 hit as it runs them down.

Points Value: 150 (including crew)

Crew - 6 or 10 Snotlings

Pump Wagon*0066601    150

C22 Snotling Pump Wagon - Mar 1987 Flyer


C22 Snotling Pump Wagon - WD88 (Apr 1987)


C22 Snotling Pump Wagon - 1987 MOD Flyer


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