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C22/27 Orc Bolt Thrower

The first release used an updated version of the Notlob's Bolt Thrower (shown below), as did the Dwarf Bolt Thrower. Whether this was coded C22 or C27 is a question. It's also possible that the later version was never released under the C range, being maybe too late for that.

C27 Orc Bolt Thrower - Dec 1986 Flyer


RR14 Notlob's Orc Artillery


C27 Orc Bolt Thrower - 1987 MOD Flyer


C22 Orc Bolt Thrower - May 1988 Flyer

Like the Dwarf Gyrocopter, this may or may not have ever been released in the C22 range.


C22 Orc Bolt Thrower - May 1988 Flyer


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