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C13 Heroic Adventurers

Another strange range, this replaced the older C33 Adventure Packs. Why the C13 Bard ended up here, and what the rationale behind the Evil fighter was, who knows? The Easter 1989 Sale saw the end of their line.

C13 Kaleb Daark - Spring 1986 Journal

Compendium 3 and the Citadel Journals for Spring 1986 & 1987 carried a comic strip with the adventures of Kaleb Daark, the follower of a fifth Chaos God, Malal. What became of Malal? Rumour has it that GW didn't hold the copyright, the artists and writers did. They and GW disagreed on the direction of the storyline and so the strip disappeared along with its God and Heroes.
Kaleb Daark's backstory and stats appear in the Spring 1986 Journal.


C13 Luyt'ama Rah'slyn Evil Fighter - Spring 1986 Journal


C13 Luyt'ama Rah'slyn Evil Fighter - Apr 1986 Flyer


C13 Kaleb Daark - Apr 1986 Flyer


C13 Bard - May 1986 Flyer


C13 Dark Elf General - Jan 1987 Flyer


C13 Kaleb Daark & The Chaos Brothers: Jaek & Helwud - Spring 1987 Journal

Helwud & Jaek, the Chaos Brothers appeared in the Kaleb Daark comic strip in the Spring 1987 Journal.
The foot versions of the Chaos Brothers became Chaos Thugs but the mounted versions, their mounts and all versions of Kaleb were removed from the range.


C13 The Chaos Brothers: Jaek & Helwud - Jun 1987 Flyer


C13 Heroic Adventurers - Easter 1989 Sale Flyer


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