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C11 Dragons

The C11 range collected the remaining Fantasy Tribe (DRG) and Fiend Factory (FF) Dragons. All of them came with 3 random heads and two variations of the wings are known. See the CCM Dragon Collectors Guide for details on the heads and wing options.
The Golden, Ice, Red and Green Dragons formed the FT Dragons (DRG) range. The Fire Dragon was a reworking of the FF33 Fire Dragon. The Black Dragon was the FF61 Black Dragon. The Green Dragon was never shown in any catalogue or flyer.

C11 Dragons - 1983 Catalogue

Top: C11 Golden Dragon
Middle: C11 Black Dragon
Bottom: C11 Ice Dragon


C11 Dragons - Compendium 1


Painted C11 Dragons

Back: FF61-2/C11-1c Black Dragon, DRG4/C11-2c Golden Dragon, DRG1/C11-1b Red Dragon,
Middle: C11-1a Fire Dragon, DRG2/C11-2a Green Dragon
Front: DRG3/C11-2b Ice Dragon
Close ups of these painted examples can be seen here.


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